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Death note bound prince game

Name: Death note bound prince game

File size: 814mb

Language: English

Rating: 3/10

Download Name: Bound Prince Pairing : L x Light Author: Game by Orange Pekoe (artist: Mitsumikan). Light Yagami L NSFW Death Note Bound Prince Death Note Death Note Artbook. Source: beanclam light yagami l lawliet lawlight death note.

Cars 4: Death Note (). A doujin yaoi game based in Death Note anime and manga, pairing L and Light. Basically is a visual novel with very limited gameplay, just follow the story. They regularly translate and upload the famous Death Note yaoi game, Bound Prince (Kinbaku Ouji) by Orange Pekoe (Mitsumikan).

it's a pc game, and there WAS a translation, but sadly, it's down. http://www. - it had every single frame and every. Hi Ya'll! Have you heard of the Bound Prince game? Well, it's translated to English so all can enjoy!

You don't play the game just read the. yes there is another yaoi game out and its L/ Light. you really can't play much Vwhahahaa cotten swabs and donuts (bound prince) blaugh. This web sit has translations to the Death Note doujin game: Bound Prince ( Kinbaku Ouji). okay, quick question. does anyone know where to download bound prince either jap or eng version? i know it's an old game, but. my lil sis. Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this.

If not, please move it elsewhere:) Death Note yaoi fans may be interested to know that several.